Water Quality

Safe drinking water is essential for health of consumers and maintaining the villages free from various water borne diseases. This is possible only by prevention and control of physico-chemical pollution or microbial contamination in water sources. For this purpose, regular monitoring of quality of drinking water sources is required to ensure the availability of safe drinking water in rural areas.

With this objective, in addition to water analysis laboratories at state, district and block level, field testing kit (FTK) with water quality testing facilities have been provided for essential drinking water parameters such as pH, temperature, iron, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, hardness, turbidity, residual chlorine and arsenic (a separate kit) along with H2S vials for microbial quality of drinking water sources at each village of a Gram Panchyat.

This is responsibility of Drinking Water and Sanitation Mission to facilitate the water quality monitoring at district level to provide FTK and H2S vials with the help of U.P. Jal Nigam. Training programmes and workshops are also organized at district and block level for acquaintance and awareness among the villagers for safe drinking water quality and good health in rural areas.